Hmmm... about something

To begin, crafting words in an "about" section proves more challenging than any sketch.

While I've delved into design and the entire Form Follows Function ethos, art? Art is a passion—not merely that. It embodies technique. It serves as a mirror, a teacher, and a constant struggle.

Some days, it brings joy, while on others, it leaves me pondering, "What the heck am I doing?" and eventually declaring, "That's it, I'm done with it."

Today happens to be one of those good days.

What I try

In my artistic pursuit, I strive to delve into the depths of creativity, exploring a myriad of subjects, styles, and techniques. Each stroke is an endeavor to translate emotions, ideas, and stories onto the canvas of my imagination. Through a continuous process of learning and experimentation, I aim to push the boundaries of my artistic expression, challenging myself to evolve and grow with every piece. My commitment is to remain authentic to my vision, allowing curiosity to guide me through the uncharted territories of artistic exploration.

What I succeed keep trying.